(August 2010) Galaxy domination is now OpenSource:   http://galaxydom.sourceforge.net/

GalaxyDomination is an android game.


The goal is to own all the planets.

The tutorial explain how to play.
The campaign is 100 predifined levels where you can upgrade yours stats at the end of each levels.
Random game start a game with planets at random position.
Options allow you to manage the computer (AI) level. By default, you are on easy mode.
Reset allow you to restart from scratch the campaign.

You control attack by drag and dropping on the screen.

There is a free demo version. You should try it first before buying the full version: this game is just realease and can have problems on your mobile.



June2010: new version. Added:
 - 2v2 mode: team with the computer to play against another team of 2 computers.
 - Infinite level in campaign. Once the level 100 riched, you play random level against computer more and more stronger. Computer gain 2 characteristic points per level while you gain just one...
 - Custom level: replay any caimpaign level once you finished the game.
 - a new icon

Jun2010: minor upgrade:
 - new sounds (just a bit better)
 - review 2v2 green computer friend color. The old  green look like the same on low light screen.

If you like GalaxyDomination and you want to try to play against human player, you should try "GalaxIR". I have not try it, but it seem to be a great game (at least the graphics are a lot better than mine^^).

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Comment posted by leven, 30/11/2010, 11 11 41 (UTC):
Is it still availible in the market in EU? a friend i played it on a friends phone, and wanted to get it my self, but i can't find the demo OR the full version on the market.. and he couldn't either on his phone now so it seems it has been removed? why?

Comment posted by By the way, 30/08/2012, 13 01 46 (UTC):
You can download the game here (it's free):


Take the GalaxyDomination.apk file.

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