(Building, but I do not know if i will ever end this page)

Register to the AndroidMarket as publisher cost 25$.

Fee: 30% google / 70% me. Full version 1€ => 0.70€ for me.

No free phone after 500 download. It was an hoax

Number of download (realease on april 2010):
Date Demo FullVersion
16 apr 2010 1st version 1st version
day+3 500 50
day+8 600 70
day+15 (28/04/2010) 834 (485 actives) 94 (84 actives)
+1 month 1002 (510 actives) 135 (114 active)
18 may 2010 1269 (589 actives) 200 (175 actives)
14 jun 2010 3871 (2015 actives) 440 (361 actives)
15 juin 2010 v june2010 v june2010

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