Computer color depends on its main statistic.

Red are good in attack. Theirs statistic are 10+X/10/10/10.
Blue are good in defense. 10/10+X/10/10.
Yellow are good in Speed. 10/10/10+X/10.
Pink are good in growing. 10/10/10/10+X.

Where X is the bonus stat. During the campaign, X is equals to the level number. Ex: at level 10 a red computer is 20/10/10/10. For random game, X = 6 in normal mode.

Note that if Red attack strong, they do not defends good...

Threre is 3 types of AI.
AI1 attack at random.
AI2 attack the nearest planet.
AI3 attack a planet that is weaker than its start planet.

The hell mode give an additional hidden X bonus to the computer. In hell mode, a red computer can be 10+X/10+X/10/10 as well 10+X/10/10/10+X.

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Comment posted by anonymous, 27/07/2012, 14 02 45 (UTC):
Past lvl 100, this doesn't seem to be true anymore. Yellow, for example, now hits insanely hard, can defend against just about anything, and I've seen one of their medium-sized planets go from 5 to 50 instantly after an attack.

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